Side Effects of Codeine Abuse

Side Effects of Codeine Abuse

Many people in the United States region are using prescription drugs for recreational purposes and the trend is popular now more than ever before. Codeine is one such drug that is being used this way and many people attribute this to the fact that it is readily available over the counter.

Codeine is actually a drug that belongs to the opiates group and is mostly used for treating moderate and severe pain. Even though most people normally begin using this drug this way, the potential of addiction and abuse is quite high. This is owing to the fact that this drug has a very high degree of causing physical and psychological dependence especially when it is used for a relatively long period of time.

This is usually what happens in cases of prescription that is meant for treating chronic conditions since there is no other choice but to use the drug for a long period of time. In addition to the dependence created, tolerance is also experienced in long term usage of codeine which actually means that dosage will have to be increased for the same effects as before to be achieved.

Side Effects of Codeine Abuse

Many people are not aware that the abuse of codeine can also occur in instances that a prescription is present. This actually entails taking the drug even after the medical condition that it was prescribed for has been cured and also altering the prescription by increasing the dosage so that you can be able to raise the euphoric effects.

There are numerous side effects that come about as a result of abusing codeine and they include facial swelling, release of histamines, and other related cardiovascular effects. These effects are usually more prevalent in cases where the abuser uses injects in order to administer the drug into the body.

There are usually four ways in which this drug is administered to the body and it includes intravenous injections, intramuscular injections, orally and rectally. This drug cannot be administered through intranasal means which means that it cannot be snorted. However, some abusers usually smoke it in a manner similar to the way that heroin is usually smoked.

On the other hand, there are other many side effects that are usually rampant in all the cases of codeine abuse like poor vision, stomach bleeding, dilated pupils, poor night vision, impaired driving ability, hallucinating, disorientation, low heart rate, convulsions, low blood pressure, problems in breathing, sexual problems, seizures, tremors, agitation, mood swings, confusion, problems sleeping, excessive sweating and headaches.

The severity of the side effects usually depends on the period of time that the drug has been abused and the technique plus dosage that were being used in order to administer it into the body as well. Overdose is usually more common in cases of abuse and the side effects that are associated to it include: Nausea, loss of consciousness, restlessness, difficulty in breathing and even death.

When usage is stopped abruptly, withdrawal symptoms usually kick in and this normally happens in just a matter of a few hours or when the next dosage is due.

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