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Codeine Abuse

It is a well-known fact that the abuse of prescription drugs in America has reached an elevated height with a very big percentage of people involved in the habit. Codeine is one such drug that is abused by people of all age groups and it actually belongs to the opiate group of drugs.

In the medical circles, this drug is usually used for treating moderate and severe pain that is usually brought about by a variety of medical conditions such as chronic coughs for instance. This drug has a very high potential of being abused nonetheless mainly because it has a very high degree of physical and psychological dependence.

Addiction to this drug is what actually causes abuse and it is usually brought about the tolerance that has been created with prolonged usage. This means that the body cannot function properly with the initial dosage and the only thing to do is to raise the dosage so that the same effects can be achieved.

Codeine Abuse

There are some people who usually have the misguided notion that taking codeine as they feel like is okay because it is a legal drug. This is not however the case because abuse of this drug can also occur in the presence of a prescription and the main way that this happens is when the doctor’s instructions are not followed to the letter. There are some patients who usually raise the dosage so that they may be able to increase the euphoric effects produced.

Codeine abuse is a very serious national disaster that usually leads to numerous side effects such as stomach bleeding, kidney damage, diminished thinking capacity, liver damage, constipation, confusion, blurred vision, dilated pupils, low heart rate, depression, hallucinations, convulsions, sexual problems, breathing problems, diarrhea, mood swings, disorientation and seizures.

Most of the people who abuse codeine normally abuse other drugs as well such as tranquilizers, alcohol, sleeping pills, sedatives and other opiates.

They mostly do this so that they may be able to supplement the high that they receive from the main drug and consequently raise the euphoric effects of codeine. This is however very dangerous and is cautioned against by the doctors because it usually causes very severe side effects that may lead to death in some instances.

Most of the people who abuse prescription drugs such as codeine for example are usually running away from stressful situations that they face in their lives. In addition to this, studies also reveal that prescription drug abusers are people who were either abused physically or sexually when they were still small children. There are many methods of treatments for codeine addiction that are used in assisting abusers to kick this bad habit hence giving them the chance of living a drug free life.

Numerous drug rehab centers and medical institutions usually have in-patient and out-patient options for treating this disease. Information about the facts and statistics of codeine abuse can be obtained from the various healthcare institutions and the internet as well.

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